Nishigaki Kanshiro is ranked as one of the best tsuba makers in Japanese History. This tsuba was made by the second master Nishigaki Kanshiro, who is said to exceed his father in skill, and was published in the book before "Higo Tsuba Shu" by Miki Yoshikazu, p.109. The text reveals that this quality of grace and beauty is only possible by Nidai Nishigaki Kanshiro and cannot be bored by any collectors. Also, the NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho Paper was issued in 1977 and appraised as a Kanshiro. The theme of the tsuba is "Sugawara" which is a combination of pine tree, sakura, and Japanese apricot. Best Sugawara Higo Sukashi I've seen. Dimension of the tsuba, as stated in the book, is 80.0mm height, 77.0mm width, 5.2mm at seppa-dai, and 4.3mm at mimi. Materials is a black iron with delicate sukashi and accompanies with high quality custom-made cushion kiri-box.