Kurihara Akihide Tosho Tsuba

Kurihara Hikosaburo (1879-1954) is an essential person in the 20th century of Gendaito. He founded the Nihonto Tanren Denshusho and taught many remarkable students including the late Ningen Kokuho, Miyairi Yukihira and the current Amada Akitsugu. This is his first tsuba officially certified by the NBTHK up to now. Akihide loved bamboo and drew many bamboo paintings in his life as seen at the third photo of big three fold bamboo paintings. "Tekkadonin" is his art name and has been found in his nakago since 1939. Three stems of bamboo are pierced. Katana size, 86mm X 82mm, 4mm at Seppa-dai and 3mm at mimi. This tsuba is quite graceful and historical piece indeed.