Dai Nihon Token Shoko Meikan 
Nihon Token Newspaper Ltd.

If you are Gendaito collector or interested in WWII Japanese swords, do not miss this chance to get this book. It was published in 1942 during the WWII and one of the rarest books about showa smiths. This book has the information about Gunto/Gendaito smiths and polishers and Gunto manifacture companies in Japan during the WWII. Click the photo for more information. Limited 40 prints only and ENGLISH INDEX INCLUDED!   $225 including air shipping


Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks
Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory
This essential reference for collectors of both military and civil Japanese swords and dirks, covers the period 1868 to 1945. It is comprehensively illustrated throughout with photographs of actual items, drawings and period photographs showing the swords as worn during the period. This book also includes details on blade manufacture and markings, fake swords and sword surrender documentation, lebels and plaques. 288 pages, 19.5cm X 25.5cm. SOLD


Nihonto no Horimono 
Sato Yoshiki & Nakamiya Yoshiro

This beautiful book is the first one which dealt with Nihonto's horimono seriously. Published in 1970 and it contains lots of blades which has horimono from Koto to Gendaito. Also history of horimono and its development are explained very well. At the last several chapters, Kunihiro's horimono and its feature, Yasutsugu's horimono and his method, Comparisons between Yoshimitsu, Sadamune, and Yasutsugu's horimono  are explained in detail. 15.5cm X 21.5cm, hard cover, 254 pages. Hard to find and valuable book with English index. SOLD


 Gendai Toko Meikan 
Ono Tadashi

This book is self-explanatory and the remarkable reference on Gendaito smiths. It contains more than 200 clear gendaito smiths' oshigatas with their profile. This book is one of the best books which was sought by collectors of traditionally made swords of the WWII period. Published in 1971, 262 pages, 15.5cm X 21.5cm. SOLD


Gendai Toko/Kinko/Shykukata Soran 
Ono Tadashi

This book was only once published in 1977 and immediately out of printed. The author is famous Ono Tadashi who wrote the book, Gendai Toko Meikan. This book contains the profiles and their art of Gendai Toko (swordmaker), Kinko (tsuba-maker), Togi-shi (polisher), Saya-shi (scabbard-maker), Shirogane-shi (habaki-maker), Tsukamaki-shi (handle-maker), Nushi (scabbard-painter), and Chiyokin-shi (horimono carver). More than 1200 professionals are listed.(name, style, address, ranking, etc.) 247 pages, 16cm X 21.5cm. $150

Nanban Tsuba
- Yearning Design - 
Yoshimura Shigeta
Nanban was the area of South Eastern Asia where Japan had a trade at 16th century. This was an exotic to Japan and fantastic imaginary world influenced by Buddhism added to Kinko's mind and produced so-called Nanban tsuba. Chinese, Korean, and some of Vietnamese cultures are reflected on them. This book shows 97 Nanban tsubas with well-taken photos and good explantions. 108 pages, 15cm X 21cm. Printed in 1998. This book will be a quite interesting reference for tsuba collectors. SOLD

Japanese Sword Fittings
Naunton Collection
H. L. Joly
This book contains the famous G. H. Naunton collection of sword fittings and also listed as a reference in Haynes book.  The immense collection of 1450 pieces are presented by H. L. Joly.   Tsuba and all forms of kodogu are shown in b&w plates with detailed documentation. Historical notes of schools and methods are also given. Printed in 1973, total 317 pages, hard cover, thickness is 2.5" with book size 10¼ "x 12½". SOLD

Nihonto no Kantei to Kansho
Tsuneishi Hideaki
Great set with Hideaki's Nihonto no Kenkyu to Kansho. This book is for the appraisal and appreciation of Nihonto. It contains the history of Nihonto, basic knowledge for Kantei, Smiths' characteristics and their family lines, and the appreciation of Nihonto. Published in 1968, 320 pages. $50



Nihonto Nyumon Series
3 complete set
Shibata Mitsuo

Nihonto Nyumon is a good reference book for Japanese swordsmiths. It contains lots of information such as Token price from Koto to Gendaito for numerous smiths, their oshigatas, and how to judge Gimei, how to buy good blades, etc. Throughout this book, the author, Shibata Mitsuo, is showing off his vast knowledge. 300 pages. Tsuba Nyumon is for the tsuba collectors. It contains more than 100 famous Kinko and their tsuba photos with their characteristics. Also, it contains the profiles of lots of Kinko and their values. 208 pages. Toso Nyumon is rare book which dealt with Koshirae, Kozuka, Fuchi/Kashira, Menuki, Kogai, habaki, and some Tsuba. B/W photos of Kodogu are fully illustrated. The book also contains remarkable Kodogu and the price list of Kodogu with famous Kinko list. 192 pages $200


Miyairi Yukihira / Gassan Sadakazu / Yonemitsu Mitsumasa /
Takahasi Sadatsugu / Honami Nitsushyu / Ono Koukei
Ningen Kokuho Series (Nihonto & Kodogu Parts)
Koizumi Tomitaro / Moriguchi Ryuji / Komeno Kenichi / Komeno Sumio /
Noguchi Mitsuharu / Kajima Susumu

These three volumes of Ningen Kokuho (Living National Treasure) are complete parts which show three Kaji (Miyari Yukihira also knows ans Ahihira, Gassan Sadakazu, and Takahashi Sadatsugu), two Togishi (Honami Nitsushyu and Ono Koukei), one Higo tsuba Kinko (Yonemitsu Mitsumasa). Books are huge, 26.5cm X 35.7cm. They shows many big and clear photos of their arts with very detailed swordmaking, polishng, and tsubamaking processes. About 50 pages each and all books are in excellent condition. Printed in 1982. SOLD
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