Kusakabe Shigemichi was born in 1878 at Fukushima. He worked in Aizu Province and was the famous decendent of Nagamichi. His reputation was well established at that time and he made many swords for Emperors, Royal Prince (Takamatsu no Miya), and Presindent of Taiwan. He won many awards at Shinsakuto Competition. Also, he directed the Tenshozan Naval Sword Forging Center.  
    According to the result of the 6th Shinsakuto Denrankai (1941), he was listed as the Special Honor Seat. (Refer to the John Slough's book, pp. 212-213. This katana was made in the same year of July, 1941 when his age was 64. The mei is Katana mei and the tsuba of this sword is Hozon papered from the NBTHK.