The 27th generation Kongohyoe Moritaka's real name was Moritaka Yoshio and he was born in 1908. He learned swordmaking from Enju Nobushige in 1933 by jumonji yari forging. In 1927, he inherited the 12th Moritaka Yasuhiro as the age of 19. Kongohyoe Moritaka's long lineage is more than 700 years. The first Kongohyoe Moritaka startged in Einin (1293) period of Kamakura era at Chikuzen (Fukuoka) and 13th generation were prospered at there. Then, they  moved Higo province (Kumamto) with Hosokawa Family in Kanei (1632) period of Edo era and are still continuing the tradition. Yasuhiro established the Moritaka School after the war and his offsprings are still making knives in the Moritaka Hamono Shop.

    He was the teacher of the late Mukansa, Tanigawa Moriyoshi (1920 - 1990) and many other pupils such as Terada Morinobu, Fujita Moritoku, and Yamada Kiichi.  He worked as a Rikugun Jumei Tosho during the wartime and forged high-end Gendaito at Kongohyoe Minamoto Moritaka Tantosho. He was listed in the 1st seat at the 6th Shinsaku Nihonto Denrankai in 1941 and also rated as a 2 MY smith in Toko Taikan. Refer to pp.117-118 of John Slough's book.

(From the book, Dai Nihon Token Shoko Meikan)