Oki kuni ju Kikumitsu

Mei : Oki kuni ju Kikumitsu Saku / Showa 20th year February
Nagasa : 63.3 cm
Sori : 1.5 cm
Motohaba : 3.1 cm / Sakihaba : 2.1 cm
Hada : Masame with ji-nie and chikei
Hamon : Gunome-choji midare, Nie-deki
Boshi : Ko-maru

Kikumitsu's real name is Sakamoto Kikujiro who worked in Shimane province in WWII. In John Slough's "An Oshigata book of Modern Japanese Swordsmiths", he is listed in p.82 where he reveals that the only recorded smith with that mei but this is another finding with extra-ordinary condition and beautiful Gunome-midare. Kikumitsu is listed as a Rikugun Jumei Tosho and one of Izumo Seiko Toshos. His blade is extremely rare as he worked at the end of the war. Habaki is silver foiled and in Marine force gunto mounting.  The blade is fresh polished from Japan and has a certificate from Aoi-Art.