Shinto Jumyo

Nagasa : 50.3 cm
Sori : 1.0 cm
Hada : Mokume with masame
Hamon : Choji Midare
Boshi : Komaru

This wakizashi is appraised as an attribution by Shinto Jumyo by the NBTHK. It has amazing blade activity with sunagashi, kinsuji, yo, etc. The blade is in excellent condition without any size of nick or grain opening. The scanner was very sensitive so it looks like there are scratches on the blade but the blade is excellently polished and no scratches. The mounting of this wakizashi is outstanding. It's han-dachi style, made in Edo era and very well conserved. This kind of mounting is very hard to find. It has no defect and no splitting. Especially, the saya was finished by blue-shell which is very hard to get now. Kanagu are all Higo style silver and tsuba is black shakudo.