Miyairi Akihira
(1927 - 1977)
The Late Ningen Kokuho

Mei : Miyairi Akihira Saku  / August, Showa 32th year (1957)
Nagasa : 14.6 cm
Hada : Itame
Hamon : Gunome midare in Nie-deki

Miyairi Akihira (1927 - 1977) was born in Sakaki, Nagano. He entered to Nihonto Tanren Denshusho of Kurihara Akihide in 1937 with the age of 10 years old. He won numerous awards during his life including unbreakable record of five consecutive "Tokusho" in Shinsakuto Gijyutsu Hatpyoukai from 1956 to 1959.  This tanto was made in 1957 when his skill was in supreme. In 1960, he became a Mukansa and subsequently the second living national treasure in 1963. He founded the Miyairi School and is regarded as the most popular and the best swordsmith in 20th century, Japan.

This tanto is showing off  graceful katakanmuritoshi zukuri. Deep turn-back of  boshi with excellent polishing. Gold single habaki. Shirasaya mounted. The possession of Akihira's blade is the blessing itself to Gendaito collectors.